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            Super time relays
            Digital display relays
            General electromagnetic relays
            turning controllers
            Solid state
            Liquid level relays
            Transistor time relays
            Counter Series
            time switch
            Dial type Time Relay
            Preventing Reverse Phase Sequence Relay
            The company is located in the home of low voltage apparatus--- Liushi town, which is adjacent to 104 National Highway, about 5 km away 10000-ton dock of Qili port, and 25 km from Wenzhou Airport and Railway Station, thus enjoying very convenient transportation. Founded in June 1994, the company currently sets manufacturing bases in Liushi Industrial Zone and Marenqiao Industrial Zone. It has also established over 60 sales companies or special sales agencies throughout China, whose products are exported to Middle-East, Europe, and America.

            The company is specialized in manufacturing small relays, time relays, super time relays, digital display relays, motor time relays, solid state relays, clockwise and counter-clockwise turning controllers, liquid level relays, and micro-computer time-control switches, totally four series and more than 100 specifications. The major product models are: ST2PST3PST6PH3YHH52PHH53PHH54PAH2AH3ASYH3CAH3CRH3BAATDVASTPC61F-GPAFR-1JS11JS11SJS14SJS20JSS20-48AMSDH48SDH48JDH48S-SJJSB1JZF-01JZF-05JZF-06 and JZF-07. The products are all made by adopting the standard foreign techniques and  scale exclusive integrated chips, which feature great stability, high precision, wide delay ranges, low power consumption, beautiful appearance, and convenient installation. They are inexpensive with highest performance against prices. We provide very good after-sales services and will try our best to develop the most suitable products through powerful scientific research strength upon the actual needs of the clients.

            With the spirits of Survival with Top Quality and Development through Scientific & Technological Innovation, and sticking to the tenets of Credit First & Customer Foremost, the company aims at making great contributions to  society. We warmly welcome the presence of both new and old customers for business negotiation and cooperation, so as to gain mutual benefits and create common glory.